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The investment properties on this website are for sale at huge discounts much greater than you will find with typical foreclosure or MLS listings. That’s because we work directly with real estate investors, wholesalers, and motivated sellers to get their deals on our list.

There is no other place which is 100% dedicated to finding you a good investment deal.All designed to accelerate your success and maximize your profits

Primacy Estate offer Investors to participate in different ways:

*Buy a real estate investment deal for your next flix and flip.

*Buy and hold rental properties

*Fractional ownership investment model for Money investors

*Investment opportunity to buy, design your own style, or live in your dream house.

Created By Real estate Investors for Real Estate Investors

We all know that You hold the key to your own real estate investing success, but we can help you …

Investment Properties at 20%-50% Off

Access all discounted investment properties with the equity spread you need to make a good deal, PLUS get notified when …

Expand Your Network

Knowing the Right people and having access to right resources can make or break you. Instantly grow your Buyers’ list, …

Unleash your creativity with Primacyestate

Find your next fix & flip, rental, or land opportunity at 20%- 50% off retail price. We help Real estate investors find deeply discounted, off-market properties so you will never run out of leads to power your business.


Why us

We are on a mission to double the Business of 10,000 Investors. Our investors are focused on expanding their Network, growing their investment portfolio, and becoming the most successful investors they can be.

Our team is all in on your success. We help investors like you get started in the business and double their investing. We do this by cultivating an obsessive focus on finding you the best deals, cutting-edge education, the highest integrity, and essential needed resources to get deals done, thereby creating partners for life.

Our Core Values:

These reflect what is truly important to us as an organization. These values do not change from time to time, situation to situation, or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our company culture.

*We put people first.

*We conduct business with integrity and lead by example.

*We take ownership of everything we do.

*We measure, grow and measure again.

*We pursue growth and innovation through curious implementation.

*We embrace a sense of optimism, possibility, and fun.

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