We help today’s Investors and Real Estate Developers find their next Fix & Flip, Cash flowing rentals or land acquisitions which are investment opportunity at 20%-50% off retail price, maximizing on return on their investments. We help our group of investors multiply their money by finding discounted properties, off-market deals so that they never run out of opportunities and leads to power their businesses. There is no other place 100% dedicated to finding you a good investment deal, all designed and structured to accelerate your success and maximize on profits. We deal with foreclosures, under construction or stuck projects, aged and old properties that require repairs and renovations. We buy properties and structure a real estate investment deal for our clients.

We are a team of Real estate professional, finance enthusiasts & experts on structuring and negotiating Real estate deals. That is our strength and that is what attracts investors for collaborating with Primacy Estate. we provide you deals with high leverage, cash flowing properties, appreciation, buy & own commercial properties by paying down, rest is taken care by the tenants; forced appreciation, & lastly, tax benefits. Access all discounted investment properties with the equity spread you need to make  a good deal, plus- Get notified when new deals become available. Sign up our form to get access to preferred Buyer’s list

Mission –
  • We are on a mission to double the business of 1000 Investors of India
  • Our Investors are focused on expanding their networks, growing their portfolio, and becoming the most successful Investors, they can be.
  • We help today’s Investors multiply their money by cultivating an obsessive focus on finding the best deals, cutting-edge education, highest integrity, and essential needed resources to get deals done, thereby creating partners for life.
Vision –
  • We hold a vision to help our today’s Investors achieve the stage of financial freedom.
  • We are a platform that help our Investors strategizing for building passive income streams while holding a very secure type of investment directly or indirectly.


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