• HBI believes in Win-Win philosophy and look forward to build long term relationships with agents basis vested business model where we focus on relationship, not commercial transactions.
  • We work in a flexible and fair framework for managing change and uncertainty.
  • We focus on continuous alignment of interests of our partner

HBI- with a team of real estate professionals & investors strive to help homeowners make a smart and informed decision. 

  • We buy properties for Cash. 
  • We look for problems that need our attention for resolution.
  • We do the work that requires money, effort and time-We take over loans, carry out repairs, resolve litigation issues. 
  • We help homeowners get the quick exit.
  • We provide them the speed and convenience in the transaction.
  • Our Vision is to re-build the entire process of selling homes and provide a better customer experience that is simple & stress-free.
  • Bringing up new ideas on acquisitions through financial innovation & a team of real estate professionals, HBI is moving forward and making its mark on investing in residential real estate in India.
  • Our Mission is to promote and support homeowners on every step of their Real Estate journey, as the partner they can trust with their home and future.
  • A Partner who tailors solution according to customer’s Real Estate goals & a servicer that puts customer experience at the center.
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